Loving The Nations Deploys to Nepal

Loving The Nations Deploys to Nepal
Massive Earthquake Hits Nepal
On Saturday, April 25th 2015, 7.8 Earthquake rocked the tiny country of Nepal to its core.  in less than one minute, the naturally beautiful Himalayan Mountain region nestled with hundreds of local lNepali villages and the bustling valley City of katmandu were transformed into the ultimate portrait of devastation and chaos.  The destructive earthquake is reported to have been the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934.

The Quake left a path of destruction which took the lives of more than 8,000 people, injured more than 23,000, destroyed half a million homes and left approximately 3 million people homeless.  The region experienced aftershocks with magnitudes of up to 6.7 everyday for days after the original 7.8 Earthquake.  The overwhelming physical damage to Nepali lives infrastructure and landscape were matched only by the tremendous pyschological and emotional damage inflicted in the hearts and minds of the Nepali people.  The Country became gripped by fear.  Weeks following the original earthquake, survivors refused to re-enter or occupy any remaining structures fearing the worst.

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, as the Country began to progress with rescue and recovery efforts and the World's Humanitarian aid trickled through logistical bottlenecks, a second massive earthquake of 7.3 magnitude, crippled recovery efforts, weakening further the infrastructure and causing deeper physical and pyschological damage.

"Two Fish and Five Loaves of Bread" - Mission Nepal

Three Weeks after the initial 7.8 earthquake and one week after a second 7.3 earthquake, The Loving the Nations Missions Team began operations in Nepal.  The international Team of from Belgium, Japan joined native Nepalese Loving The Nations Missions Partners for a grueling Five Day operation throughout the country of Nepal to help as many as possible with humanitarian aid and  hope that stems from the Good News of Christ. 
Day One mission efforts focused upon donating tent shelters, large bags of rice and bags of lentils to those in need within the inner city of Katmandu.  Day one's logistical infrastructre was minimal and as a result operations headquartered from the trunk of a small white station wagon which provided the mobility and flexibility to distribute humanitarian aid directly onto the croweded streets of Katmandu.
By Day two the operation shifted to focus upon the Himalayan mountain villages.  The team journeyed by van three and a half hours up a steep mountain road from the capital city of Katmandu into the the Sindhupalchok region near the 7.8 earthquake epicenter.  In addition to providing humanitarian effort to include rice, corn, salt, sugar and tents, the team organized to meet with local village leaders to discuss longterm needs and support.

Day three of the Missions Operations was by far the most challenging and the most rewarding.  The mission focus was again a Himalayan Mountain Villiage but this time in the region of Nuwakot.  The traveled another 3 1/2 hour drive up the mountain and then hiked another hour to reach the village of Dangaimai.  In addition to humanitarian aid the team participated in a special memorial service with grieving family members whose loved ones had died. 

Day four and five centered again within the City of Katmandu in the Sanku Region.

Loving The Nations will Continue Missions Operation throughout the Year of 2015 and are anticipating a follow on Missions trip back to Nepal in the Fall.  Donations are very much appreciated to help with relief efforts to buy food, shelter, school supplies and missions evangelism material.  You may donate at http://www.lovingthenations.org/missions-donations/index.html  or at www.gofundme.com/tjp4mvw
All Donations are completly Tax Deductible and go to support a Worthy Cause.


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