Our Founder, Dr. Temaki Carr

Strategist, Community Organizer, Chief Executive, Faith Builder, Truth Teller, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Veteran, Leader, and Servant are just a few of the attributes which describe, Dr.Temaki Carr.   Her life experiences has journeyed through  poverty stricken wooden shacks of  Mississippi to palatial palaces of foreign dictators in war-torn countries.  From the “Battlefield” to the “Mission Field” she has journeyed through remote villages and overpopulated city squares in western Africa to isolated communities in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to the narrow streets of old world Europe.  She is a Trailblazer with a unique passion and ability to cross cultural divides to uplift and inspire.

Born the eldest of four children to widower Doris Funchess of Prentiss, Mississippi, Temaki Carr became the first of her maternal family to accept Christ, astonishingly doing so at the tender age of 12 years old.  Temaki continued the trend of firsts, trailblazing as the first within her family to attend and graduate college in 1992.  Upon graduation from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  Temaki was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States  Army.

During her 20 year active duty tenure, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Temaki Carr served in leadership positions throughout the Continental United States and abroad leading soldiers in both peace and war.  Throughout the entirety of her active duty tenure, she served together with her husband of 29 years, Colonel Robert Carr, facing the tumultuous challenges associated with the lifestyle of a dual military family.  Throughout this time she endeavored to maintain a sense of service excellence to her God, her Family, and her Country. 

Dr. Temaki Carr holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications, a Master of Divinity in Inter-Cultural Relations and a Doctor of Ministry in Community Organizing.  Dr. Carr serves as  a licensed and ordained clergyman, with over 30 years of ministerial service.  She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Loving the Nations, a 501c3 charitable organization specializing in global missions, evangelism, education, humanitarian aid and community organizing.  With partner ministries in Nepal, Pakistan, Africa, Europe and the United States, Loving the Nations endeavors not only to equip and mobilize the Global Church to fulfill the Great Commission but to do so as a unified force serving the nations in love.

For the past 29 years Dr. Temaki Carr has been happily married to Colonel Robert Carr.  They have three lovely daughters, Dominique, a 27 year old graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Danielle, a 23 year old graduate of Manhattanville College in White plains New York, and Gabrielle, a 22 year old Senior at the University of Viginia.