Reconciling Race and Culture in The Church

In a Time filled with Great Challenge, The Collective Body of Believers are presented a Tremendous Opportunity.  For where there is Great Challenge there is even Greater Opportunity. 
We have all experienced these challenges day after day which threaten to stifle our sense of “Hope”, our sense of “Faith” not only in each other but also in a God we believe can do the Impossible.

For the last two years, we have worked diligently with entire Communities as well as individual churches and believers to rise to the occasion to defy the odds that would prevent us from “Shining” brightly as a TEAM of Change Agents. 

We have cried out for our Communities TOGETHER…We have Interceded and walked Our Streets TOGETHER. We encourage everyone to work TOGETHER to bring revival to The body of Christ -The Church.  Now it is Time for Us to Usher in “Revival” TOGETHER…To “CELEBRATE” the Beautiful Splendor, Wonder, Majesty, Power and Diversity of The Kingdom of God TOGETHER.

Let Us continue in the rich Legacy of Faith which has always pointed to the way of TRUTH, Fellowship and LOVE.  Let Us “CELEBRATE” Together Our Lord, Our God and HIS Kingdom as we humble ourselves before our God  and each other to LIFT CHRIST High so that “All” will be Drawn to HIM.

~ Dr. Temaki Carr